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Product Updates

Product Update - June 2023

David Simpson
June 1, 2023

Here's a roundup of the biggest updates from the absolute heroes of the Beacon product team.

Shareable dashboards

You can now share your dashboards with your team! We've made a big update to dashboards which allows you to share your beautiful creations with the rest of your team, and to collaborate more freely on identifying the metrics that matter to you and driving your organisation forwards.

You can also 'favourite' your most-used dashboards so that they're easier to find.

You can read all about shareable dashboards in this blog post.

Copy dashboard cards

It's now possible to duplicate a dashboard card ready to be used again, even on another dashboard! Just hit the 'Copy' button in the top corner of a dashboard card.

Logos in Emails

Dull transactional emails are a thing of the past! Beacon admins can now head to the 'Charity preferences' page under 'Settings' where you'll find the option to upload a charity logo. This logo will be used as the header in all of the emails that are sent from Beacon, e.g. in form submission acknowledgements or from email templates. Now you can add some of your own organisation's identity to you Beacon emails.

Zettle IDs on payments

When a payment is created by the Beacon Zettle app, we store the unique payment reference that Zettle provides. Unfortunately, Zettle don't make this ID available to be downloaded in their reports, so reconciling was essentially impossible.

We now provide the globalPurchaseNumber if it exists, else the purchaseNumber, in the notes attached to the Beacon payment. This number is available in reports, so it's easier to reconcile payments in Beacon with your Zettle account.

Invoicing for tickets

You can now choose not to collect payment along with a ticket. This is useful if you want to allow people to purchase a ticket for an event, but you want to invoice them for the payment later (or collect payment at the event).

This functionality works just like it does for memberships: A payment record will be created in Beacon with the 'paid' checkbox unchecked, so it's easy to see the people who need to be chased. Right now it's not possible for an organisation to purchase a ticket, even if paying by invoice.

Become a Beacon expert with Beacon Lighthouse

If you're new to Beacon and you're looking to really get to grips with your CRM then you can enroll in one of our free online courses through Beacon Lighthouse. We've got Deep Dive courses on Major Gifts & Grants and Events & Ticketing, all curated by Senior Customer Success Manager and Lighthouse Keeper, Luke.

Beacon chat: The coolest place to hang out on the whole interweb

Beacon customers are invited to join our private Facebook Group. It's a place to exchange ideas, tips, and best practices.

You can find the group here and we'd love to welcome you in.

The group is only available to Beacon customers.

Up next...

We're improving how Beacon manages campaigns, improving address formatting options in emails and document merge, improving Gift Aid error messaging when HMRC rejects a claim, and a whole lot more. Expect to see the invitation to refresh Beacon a lot in the next couple of weeks!