We're lovely humans on a daily mission to be the go-to CRM for the charity sector

We believe that charities should have access to the most modern, innovative, and easy-to-use technology available. That’s why we built our charity-focused CRM.
We’re proud to have helped thousands of charity professionals transform how they work. This page is all about us.
Our founders
Beacon was founded in 2017 by Chris and David after a decade working in technology startups. They saw a clear need in the charity sector for a fresh take on the humble CRM. Most charity database solutions were (and still are!) clunky, confusing, and lacking the support needed to get the most out of them.
Beacon was designed to offer the complete opposite of this.
Based in Shoreditch, London, and now working with a team of 20, Chris and David continue to push the envelope for forward-thinking charities, helping them to work smarter, faster, and make an even bigger impact.
Our values
We’re small enough to care but big enough to make a difference. Here’s what we stand for:
We’re always innovating
We work hard to make our CRM the best option for ambitious and impactful charities.
We put people first
From our in-house team, to our network of partners and, of course, our customers, people come first.
Making a difference drives us
We love seeing Beacon literally transform the way our customers work.
We enjoy a challenge
We're in this to help you change the world, so it's a good job we're up for a challenge!
We’re upbeat and genuine
We’re optimistic and always ready to help, proudly staffed by real people, never bots.
We listen and take action
We actively seek feedback from our customers so we can create an even better CRM for charities.
Our team
Meet the people behind the #1 rated charity CRM out there:
Chris Houghton
David Simpson
Alexa Tucker
Customer Development Manager
Lauren Galvani
Senior Customer Development Manager
Ben Cook
Director of Customer Success
Andrew Jones
Staff Engineer
Luke Marlowe
Customer Engagement & Learning Manager
Joe Geary
Marketing Manager
Niamh O'Leary
Customer Success Manager
Gareth Lemon
Solutions Manager
Sam Corney
Staff Engineer
Cian Rath-Cullimore
Customer Support Specialist
Lara Mulville
Customer Support Specialist
Toyin Afolabi
Customer Success Manager
Kealan Heena
Junior Software Engineer
Haydn Appleby
Software Engineer
Ellen Waddell
Junior Software Engineer
Caroline Chalk
Customer Development Manager
Tom McHale
Customer Development Manager
Chris Dormer
Revenue Operations Manager
Matt Plunkett
Customer Support Specialist
Andrew Fogarty
Customer Support Specialist
Chids Ego-Osuala
Customer Support Specialist
Kayleigh Rattray
Customer Support Specialist
Discover what’s possible with a modern charity CRM.