Fine-tune your CRM for simplicity and privacy

Grant each of your teams access to their own version of Beacon, keeping things secure and organised.
Role up, role up!
At Beacon, security is always our highest priority. Charities often handle sensitive data, and sometimes, it is inappropriate or unhelpful to share everything with everyone.

That’s why we created a special system to help you configure this to your individual needs. Here’s what that looks like in practice:
Data restrictions
Choose what users can see and do at the team or individual level. Great for protecting sensitive information and simplifying your team’s experience.
Configurable functionality
You can control access to entire Beacon features. Lock down everything from editing forms to running CSV exports.
Granular permissions
Restrict access to specific fields, or to an entire record type. Make data read-only or hide forbidden things entirely. Magic!
Innovative charities choose Beacon,
and stick with Beacon.
Brian Pugsley
West Kent Mind
Beacon has saved us so much time across the board and we’re getting things done that have been on hold for so long.
Nicola Booth
Finding Your Feet
Beacon has been transformational for our charity in every way
Kevin Hughes
Special Olympics Ireland
Before we partnered with Beacon, we ran an event which had an estimated 110 hours of admin work, which is 50 full days! We repeated the event during Beacon setup and the admin took an hour. The volume of paper Beacon has removed from our operations is absurd.
Anthony Hayman
Noah's Ark Hospice
A friend called me after setting up a regular donation to tell me they'd received the most beautifully written email. They said, 'Gosh, you've really got your team well drilled', which was amazing because we hadn't really done anything!
Adam Davidson
Chapel & York
With Beacon, we’ve simplified our entire process for handling donations. Beacon automates everything - from taking donations online and acknowledging donors right through to our Gift Aid submissions. It’s easily saving us 20 hours every single week.
Ruth Simpson
We claimed a bunch of extra Gift Aid and the workflows and simplified processes have saved us three to four hours of admin every week.
Roles and permissions in a nutshell
We’ve worked hard to simplify the complex (and believe us, user permissions at this level are complicated!) Here’s how you would do it:
Create a role
A role is essentially a team or function within your charity, such as fundraising, finance or service delivery.
Set permissions
Tell Beacon exactly what users within this role can see and do in terms of both features and data.
Assign users to the role
Easily attach a user to a role, and hey presto, their experience of Beacon is customised to their needs!
Don’t just take our word for it…
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Gillian MacAulay
Legacy and Individual Giving Manager
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What next?
Does your current CRM make a mess of permissions? Get in touch with our team to talk through your needs.