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Product Updates

Introducing: Shareable dashboards

David Simpson
April 6, 2023

You can now share dashboards with the rest of your team. Keep everyone aligned with the metrics that matter.

To quote mathematician Karl Pearson: “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” Smart chap, that Pearson.

We've made a big update to dashboards which allow you to share your beautiful creations with the rest of your team, and to collaborate more freely on identifying the metrics that matter to you and driving your organisation forwards.

How it works

Your existing dashboard will be right where you left it, but you've now got a few more options:

You can make a copy of your dashboard, share it, and favourite it to make it easier to find.

Sharing your dashboards

Clicking on the "Share" button will open a dialog allowing you to choose who you share your dashboard with. You can let other people in your team edit your dashboard, or you can just let them view it.

Once a dashboard is shared by more than one person, it is considered "Public". Admins have access to all public dashboards for the whole team.

Your favourite dashboards

It's ok to have favourites! You can click on the 'Favourite' button in the top right of any dashboard to make it feel really special, and to make it appear in the 'Favourites' section of your dashboard list.

Managing your dashboards

Up in the top left corner of your dashboard you'll find a dropdown where you can see your favourite, public, and private dashboards. You'll also find a button for creating new dashboards.

As secure as ever

Users will still need the appropriate roles and permissions to view the underlying data of a dashboard card in order for it to show. If you accidentally share a dashboard with your fundraising team that only your grantmaking team should have access to, the cards won't load and they won't be able to see any data that they don't have access to.

Ready to get started?

You can start copying, sharing, and favouriting your dashboards right away from your Beacon account.

Got questions about dashboards? Click the chat button in the bottom right corner of the Beacon dashboard and we'll be happy to help!