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1/3 of all UK Gift Aid goes unclaimed by charities. That's £560m every year.

HMRC has strict guidelines for donation eligibility, how Gift Aid declarations should be treated, special handling for sponsored events, and the Small Donations Scheme for cash/contactless donations.

Managing all of this is hard. But Beacon can help.

Auto-eligibility checks

Donations saved in your Beacon database are automatically checked for Gift Aid eligibility based on HMRC's guidelines.

Auto-claim building

As payments are saved, Beacon automatically adds the ones eligible for Gift Aid to a new claim, ready for HMRC.

One-click submit to HMRC

Submit Gift Aid claims to HMRC in seconds. Beacon integrates directly with Charities Online, so you won't need to mess with spreadsheets.

Fully audited

All payments, declarations and claims in Beacon are fully audited and visible to you, making HMRC's strict requirements a breeze.


Gift Aid on Sponsored events is handled differently by HMRC and Beacon to make your life simpler.

Small donations scheme

You can submit "small donations" (cash/contactless payments under £30) separately to HMRC as well.


Payments are added to claims and submitted to HMRC based on rules that you define.


We've invested significant development resources into security to keep your data safe and minimise breaches. To learn more, visit our Trust page.

Recognised by HMRC

Beacon has been verified and recognised by HMRC for the Charities Online service.

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