Say hello to the most modern CRM made especially for charities.

Save time. Save money. Heck, save lives. Beacon helps you do it all faster, more accurately, and really, really easily.
What would you like to do with your database?
Branded donation forms, grants, major gifts, legacies, funds, JustGiving integration, recurring payments, Gift Aid.
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Branded membership forms. Accept renewals, single or recurring payments, request additional donations, allocate member numbers.
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Events and Ticketing
Track event attendance. Sell tickets via branded ticketing forms. Limit availability, time slots, group tickets, and request additional donations.
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Email integrations
Integrate with Mailchimp, dotdigital, and Sendgrid for communicating with your contacts at scale.
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Integration with Xero, flexible reporting, auto-allocate income streams, batch entry, auto-payout tracking from payment providers.
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Case Management
Bring your service data into one place. Track enquiries, ongoing use, and activities over time. Flexible enough for anything.
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Track availability, skills, interests, and manage volunteer applications. Handle references, emergency contacts, and much more.
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Manage awarding grants and bursaries from enquiry to evaluation.
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Developer API
Access a fully-documented API to build bespoke Beacon-powered features.
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Digital transformation made simple.
When you welcome Beacon into your life, you’ll say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper records. Here’s exactly how Beacon will transform your charity.
Seamlessly integrate your website and CRM.
Create Gift Aid-enabled online donations forms aligned with your charity’s brand.
Method of payment:
Do more with the tools you already have.
Port data to and from other apps like Xero and Mailchimp at the click of a button.
"With Beacon, we’ve simplified our entire process for handling donations. Beacon automates everything - from taking donations online and acknowledging donors right through to our Gift Aid submissions. It’s easily saving us 20 hours every single week."
Adam Davidson
Head of Operations, Chapel & York
See it all in one place.
Get sight of everything going on in your charity in one genuinely easy to use space.
Keep on top of all of your supporter information in an easy to use dashboard.
Log communications with your supporters, to keep track of who's been sent what.
Make it uniquely yours.
Create custom fields and record types to store literally any sort of data you can imagine.
"The coolest thing for me is just that we can use it for every type of person that engages. I think that's testament to how effective Beacon is."
Gillian Graham
Legacy and Individual Giving Manager
Save time with automations.
Set up “if this, then that” style workflows to help everything run smoothly and accurately.
"Before we partnered with Beacon, we ran an event which had an estimated 110 hours of admin work, which is 50 full days! We repeated the event during Beacon setup and the admin took an hour."
Kevin Hughes
Business Analyst
Get all the support you need.
No chatbots or hoop-jumping here, just quick access to real humans when you need help.
Of support interactions scored 4/5 or 5/5
Average first
response time
Slice and dice your data.
Get next-level insight into your supporter behaviour so you can nurture them even better.
Filter based on absolutely anything in your database in a few clicks.
Create "views" to keep track of filters you use regularly.
Control user access.
Control what people are allowed to see and do in your database. Restrict record types, fields, and the features that can be used.
"We're able to control who has access to what information so that people are able to see only the information that they need."
Jak Dyehouse
Membership Coordinator
Everything you know you need (and some things you didn’t).
Build and share custom dashboards , updated in real-time so your team are always on the same page.
CSV imports
Import up to 1 million records from your existing dataset in one go (yes, really!).
Stakeholder relationships
See two-way relationships between people in your database for more sophisticated, personalised comms.
Smart Bcc
Automatically log email comms with your supporters so you and your team can always see the full picture.
Get a transparent, real-time view of all system changes and supporter comms at the user level.
Get in-app and email notifications for important events and todos so you can keep on top of everything.
Mail merge
Automatically generate personalised letters from within Beacon with a single click.
Read-only users
Make sure only the right people can edit your data, and give limited access to others.
Developer API
Access a fully-documented API to create custom integrations with your Beacon account.
Why choose Beacon?
Beacon was built from the ground up to be faster and more intuitive than other charity CRMs. Here’s why you can trust Beacon to help transform your charity:
Continuous improvement
We make minor background enhancements to our CRM every single day.
Cutting-edge infrastructure
We follow industry best practice to ensure your data is secure and accessible at all times. Our data infrastructure is entirely hosted in London.
It’s not our first rodeo
Our engineering team have been building world-class technology products for years - you’re in safe hands.
Not sure which features are right for you? Get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.