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From simplifying your admin tasks to growing your supporter base, see how Beacon helps Christian charities do great things.

Thousands of charity professionals trust Beacon to run their organisations like clockwork.

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Lydia Smith
Kids Matter
We hadn't collected Gift Aid in a really long time. It was so hard to do with the tools we had, and we didn’t feel like we could trust our data. Beacon categorises eligible payments and tracks which ones we haven’t claimed, which let us claim over £12,000 in backdated Gift Aid, so Beacon has paid for itself out of the gate.
Sam Mackwell
For the first time, we've got a full real-time view of the whole organisation. So we can see the benefits of what we're doing and it all comes together. It means everyone's looking at the same picture. Which is huge.
Joe Meehan
New Hope
Every time we speak with Beacon’s support team we are glad we chose Beacon rather than the alternative.
Paul Tilbury
Great Lakes Outreach
We previously had to reply to every single person, 100 donations in 2 hours – that’s probably a week’s work. Whereas, now it’s all automatic.
Make an even bigger impact with Beacon
Christian charities large and small are using Beacon to transform how they work.
Simplify your finances
Untangle and streamline your payment data so you can relax in the knowledge that your CRM has it all under control. Learn more.
Raise money online
Make donations quick & easy by setting up GiftAid payment forms and integrating them seamlessly on your website. Learn more.
Track everything
Keep an eye on your casework, volunteer activity and grant payments, all in one simple to use space.
Case Studies
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How Embrace uses Beacon CRM to streamline their complex finance management
Beacon gives us the confidence that there will be a way to do something. That makes all the difference.
Sam Mackwell
Director of Shared Services
Embrace the Middle East
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Great Lakes Outreach
How Great Lakes Outreach use Beacon to drive their online donations.
We previously had to reply to every single person, 100 donations in 2 hours – that’s probably a week’s work. Whereas, now it’s all automatic.
Paul Tilbury
Operations Manager
Great Lakes Outreach
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Boost your fundraising without the stress
Beacon works hard behind the scenes to make your financial data clean, transparent and secure
Standing orders
Get ahead of your standing orders by setting up “expected payments” that are designed for speedy reconciliation.
Handle split payments
Has someone bought an event ticket and made a donation? Easily split and categorise this payment.
Financial year reporting
Quickly and easily see all transactions for the current (or any) financial year.
Automated batches and payouts
Easily add batches of cheques, and automatically join up individual payments with their bank payouts.
Export to Xero
Import your charity’s payments into Xero so everything tallies up nicely. Learn more.
Payment integrations
Link up with Stripe, GoCardless and JustGiving, so you can account for every payment received. Automatically submit monthly Gift Aid claims to HMRC.
Increase your impact and income with Beacon