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Beacon ramps up brand awareness campaign with sponsorship of disused lighthouse

David Simpson
April 1, 2023

Following on from our big rebrand earlier in the year, we’re delighted to announce our most ambitious marketing project yet: Beacon have sponsored our very own lighthouse off the British coast.

In January we released our new logo and website design, along with our first major update to our brand colours.  Our new hi-viz hot-pink colour scheme proved particularly uncontroversial and was met with universal approval and affection.

A bold vision

The next logical step for our marketing team was to find ways to create more awareness of Beacon through our new brand colours.  Given our company name (we try to be a guiding light in the darkness of the world of CRM), and our e-learning platform ‘Lighthouse’, sponsoring a lighthouse seemed to be the perfect use of our marketing budget.

200 miles off the coast of Poole sits a disused and dilapidated lighthouse, formerly designated Ocean-B, which is being given a new lease of life, and a subtle and classy new paint job.

The sun sets on a majestic new addition to the local skyline.

Preserving the past for a brighter future

Barry Jenkins, recently reinstated lighthouse keeper of Ocean-B, is delighted by Beacon stepping in to save the historic structure.

“I can’t say that the colour is going to be to everyone’s tastes.” Says Barry, squinting at the 41 metre high bright pink hi-viz structure. “But who am I to argue with the aesthetic choices of a trendy Shoreditch tech company.”

Barry Jenkins is overjoyed at Ocean-B's new sponsorship and livery.

Celebrate with us

To celebrate the opening of the new Beacon lighthouse, we’re inviting 100 of our intrepid customers to a ceremonial ribbon-cutting event when restoration work is completed on the 1st of April next year. You can sign up for your organisation’s free ticket via this Beacon form.

The new lighthouse colours can be seen by passing ships from as far afield as Milton Keynes.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event - it would be foolish to miss out!