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Product Updates

Product Update: October 2020

David Simpson
October 1, 2020

Here's your regular monthly product update keeping you bang up-to-date with the work of the Beacon Engineering team.

Configurable contact preferences

We've made contact preferences more flexible. You can now change the names of the options as they appear on forms. You can also require your donors and members to explicitly choose each option.

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 19.30.54

This extra flexibility means that you can now perfectly align how you get consent with your GDPR policies.

New deduplication system

Beacon now automatically scans your database and flags up groups of people who appear to be duplicates. You can merge the duplicate people in a couple of clicks, or skip the suggestion if you'd prefer not to merge them.

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 19.21.06

Beacon uses names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers to identify duplicate people in your database.

Here's Beacon Senior Customer Success Manager, Ben, to give you a quick tour of the new functionality.

Rich text fields on forms

You can now style the text in description fields on forms. This is really useful if you want to do things like add terms to membership and event registration forms.

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 19.56.40

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 19.58.26

Tasks: Quick complete

It's now faster to mark tasks as completed in Beacon.

You can mark tasks as completed from the icon on a task record:

Screen Recording 2020-10-05 at 08.11 pm

From your dashboard:

Screen Recording 2020-10-05 at 09.19 pm

From list pages:

Screen Recording 2020-10-05 at 09.19 pm

And even related record cards:

Screen Recording 2020-10-05 at 09.25 pm

Unfortunately, Beacon still can't do all of your work for you - but it's now quicker to keep track of it!

Ticketing update

Work is well under way on Beacon's new ticketing system. We're expecting to release our first version in late October.

You're invited to join Beacon Facebook Chat!

Our intrepid band of Founder Members have been getting things off to a good start on Beacon's new private Facebook Group. It's a place to exchange ideas, tips, and best practices and all Beacon customers are now invited to join!

You can find the group here and we'd love to welcome you in.

The group is only available to Beacon customers.

Up next...

Right now we're concentrating on Beacon's ticketing feature, but you can expect some great ongoing UX improvements and we're still shipping several releases every day.