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Product Updates

Product Update: March 2020

David Simpson
March 2, 2020

       Here's all the latest product news straight from the team at Beacon HQ.

       New filtering system

One of the most important things about your database is the ability to show just the records that you're interested in.  We've overhauled our filtering system to make it easier to use and we've made filtering more powerful.

       Updated filter UI

We've moved some parts of the filter UI around to make things easier to use and we've added a handy description of what your filter does.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 11.36.45

       Deeper filtering on related records

You can now create chains of filters to any depth.  This means, for example, that you can filter people based on being event attendees, then filter those event attendee records based on the related event record, then filter those event records based on payments made at those events.  The sky is the limit!

       Send exports via Email

You can now automatically send an email with the results of an export when the export is run. Handy for sending important progress updates directly to the board's inboxes.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 11.53.31

       Import existing subscriptions from GoCardless and Stripe

We've updated our subscription system so that your existing direct debit mandates and regular card payments can be synced up to Beacon.  This means it's now much easier to import your existing memberships and regular donations.  We've written a comprehensive guide that covers how to import your subscriptions.

       New billing system

We've updated our billing system to make paying for Beacon simpler and more flexible. You can read about our fair billing policy here.

       Up next...

You can read a summary of what we're going to be working on in 2020 in our recent blog post.  Next month we'll be releasing email templates that will allow you to send emails from any Beacon record, building new integrations, and we'll be continuing work on our new ticketing platform.