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Product Updates

Introducing: Beacon's Xero Integration

David Simpson
April 28, 2020

       With Beacon's Xero integration you can now send and manage invoices directly from your Beacon database.


Xero is an accounting software specifically designed for small organisations. It's cloud-based, and specifically designed to help automate many manual accounting tasks.

With the first iteration of the Xero app for Beacon, you can invoice people and organisations at the click of a button.

       Invoice a Person or Organisation

You can add a Xero card to Person and Organisation records that will allow you to create new invoices in Xero.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 18.50.08

This will create a contact and invoice in Xero and will send the invoice via Xero's email system.

       View Invoices

The Xero card will also show a list of all invoices for that person or organisation.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 18.54.45


Our documentation will take you through how to connect your Xero account to Beacon.

       It's time to try out this great new charity CRM feature...

The Beacon Xero integration is live and ready for your to try right now.  It's available on Beacon's Professional and Premium plans. Log in to connect your Xero account.

Excited about Beacon's upcoming integrations? Got charity CRM questions for us? Fire off an email to or click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your Beacon dashboard.

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