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Product Updates

Introducing: Beacon's new filtering system

David Simpson
March 28, 2023

Beacon's segmentation capabilities just got even more powerful. We've updated the filtering interface and added the ability to use OR conditions within filters.

Today we're releasing an update to how filters work across Beacon. The most important feature that we've released is the ability to include OR conditions in your filters, making Beacon's filtering much more powerful.

All of your existing filters and views will still work just as before, but now you'll be able to build new filters using both AND and OR conditions. This means that you can now write filters like "show me all of the people who have donated more than £100 OR who attended our last gala".

How it works

When you add more than one new filter in Beacon you can click on the condition to switch between AND and OR. If you're on a list page you'll see the results change straight away.

Introducing: Filter groups

You'll notice that all filter conditions must either be OR or AND, you cannot combine the two. For more complex filtering, you'll need to use a filter group. When you add a new filter, you'll see the option to add a filter group.

Filter groups contain a set of filters with the same condition (AND or OR). You can have multiple filter groups with different conditions, and you can choose the condition between the filter groups.

Ready to get started?

You can start exploring the new filter system straight away from within your Beacon account. And don't worry: there's no need to rewrite any of your existing filters as they'll all still work!

Got questions about OR filters? Click the chat button in the bottom right corner of the Beacon dashboard and we'll be happy to help!