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Product Updates

Introducing: Beacoin - The Cryptocurrency for Charities

David Simpson
April 1, 2021

Beacon is launching a new cryptocurrency designed specifically for charities. At last, the charity sector can take advantage of the popularity of currencies like Bitcoin.

As a modern technology company it’s important that we keep a close watch on current trends and opportunities to innovate.  With Beacoin, we’ve created a new cryptocurrency which can be bought from charities, kept while its value increases, and then donated to other charities.

How it works

Cryptocurrency has been all the rage for years now, despite the fact that nobody really knows what it is or how it works. So we decided to come up with a way that would work best for charities.

Donors can buy Beacoin from a charity and hold onto it while the price of Beacoin increases (as it inevitably will). The only thing they can do with their Beacoin (soon worth lots more money) is to donate it to another charity of their choice, who can then sell it on. And so the cycle continues and charities receive more and more for the Beacoin they sell as the price goes up. Brilliant!

Beacoin Growth Predictions 2021

       How can your organisation start selling Beacoin?

Beacon customers will each be allocated 100 Beacoins, but other charities can also buy Beacoin as part of our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) taking place today. To start with, Beacoins will be priced at $1000 each to keep the maths easy.

Of course, you’ll be able to both sell Beacoin and receive Beacoin donations via Beacon forms and you’ll be able to track the value of your Beacoin holdings in real time from within your Beacon dashboard.

       We’ve already had great feedback from industry experts

Barry Jenkins, Chief Financial Officer at Milton Keynes based charity “GOTCHA”, and author of the best-selling book “Procurement processes and how to derail them”, has been advising the Beacon team on the project.

“This is a great way for charities to bring in lots of donations, as the value of cryptocurrencies only ever goes up and we're in no way in any kind of bubble.” Says Barry, a look of unwavering optimism on his face. “As fundraisers we absolutely need to be offering really complex and confusing ways to give. That's the future, right there”.

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       What next?

As the price of Beacoin begins to rise into the stratosphere we’re expecting to be able to help thousands of charities to get on board the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Beacon is the charity CRM of the future and we're always pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. If you'd like to see what the future looks like you can drop me an email at