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Product Updates

Introducing the latest breakthrough in cloud-based collaborative CRM: CRM-VR

David Simpson
April 1, 2020

Beacon takes pride in having the most modern interface of any charity CRM. Now we're taking it to the next stage with CRM-VR: Your team's virtual reality interface to your Beacon database.

As a modern tech startup it's important to keep Beacon's interface at the cutting edge. And in the current climate it's crucial to find new and innovative ways to help teams to work together while they are working from home. Our R&D team have been working hard to introduce a new tool that will enable teams to collaboratively interact with their CRM, from wherever they are, and like never before.

The functionality you would expect, right out of the virtual box

CRM-VR allows your team to collaborate and explore your CRM in a virtual world controlled entirely by hand gestures. All of the standard Beacon functionality is available:

Get that 360 degree view of your data, by turning around 360 degrees

CRM-VR allows you to understand and explore your data in a deep, visual way. Discover the underlying patterns in donor data, identify missed opportunities for grant applications, and see how many useful opportunities the trustees have really brought in. With Beacon's advanced record merging, you can also locate and resolve duplicate records using the power of your hands:

Communicate effortlessly, wherever you are waiting out the apocalypse

The real world is terrifying and full of empty supermarket shelves and Piers Morgan. CRM-VR is a happy place in which your team can communicate easily both with each other, and with the outside world. For example, it's easy to take advantage of features like Beacon's email templates:

Lots of happy customers

Barry Jenkins, Head of Fundraising at Milton Keynes based charity "GOTCHA" has been trialling the system for us.

"Up until now we've had to do awful things like talk to each other face to face and use a keyboard and mouse" Says Barry, shaking his head and VR headset forlornly. "With CRM-VR I can meet my team inside the database, so we can organise our fundraising campaigns in a virtual world in which all of our donor data is at our fingertips - and everyone has enough loo roll."

What next?

We'll be making sure that all Beacon customers who are currently self-isolating have access to CRM-VR, so that they can enjoy all of the delights of spending time with their colleagues, without ever having to leave their homes.

Beacon is the charity CRM of the future and we're always pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. If you'd like to see what the future looks like you can drop me an email at