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Every charity should be using Slack

March 18, 2020

With many teams working remotely, staying connected is more important than ever. We use, and highly recommend, Slack.

Your team might be working from home with the recent pandemic, but that doesn't mean you can't be productive. Use this as a chance to upgrade your digital tools, and instead make your communications easier. Plus, as a non-profit or charity, you have access to some of Slack's premium features for free. Slack screenshot

Completely replace internal emails

Yes you heard right! Here at Beacon we don't send any internal emails. Slack is what lets us do that. On average, Slack users see an increase in productivity of 32%, over 80% say that it has increased transparency within their team, and Beacon has noticed a 163% increase in cold-hard-awesomeness. You could say Slack is like a chat program, but that's like saying that an iPhone is an mp3 player.

At Beacon we found emails were awkward to search and find information, and it was difficult to create visibility of information for everyone involved. We think Slack is the best solution out there.

Slack chat


Imagine an email chain that's easy to see by everyone involved, where you can share messages, attachments, and links. Keep discussions relevant by creating 'Channels' - threads that can be about a single project, topic or department. See just the stuff you need by only joining the channels that are applicable to you. You can even create shared channels with other organisations for cross collaboration!

We have channels about things like customer implementations, product features and updates, sales, marketing, feedback, and even tracking our climate positive initiatives. Slack channels


Slack lets you easily pull in information from almost anywhere using integrations called Apps. Add a document from Google Drive, start a video call with Zoom, see your events with Outlook or Google Calendar. With over 2000 apps, there's a good chance any of your other tools have a way to connect with Slack! And there might just be a Beacon integration coming soon...

Beacon uses all of the above, and also an integration with our in-app messaging system Intercom. It means we can be ready to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Slack powers Beacon. We use it to bring you the best service and product we can.

Trusted by the world's most forward thinking companies

Some great companies use Slack; Airbnb, Oracle, Vodafone, Deliveroo, Xero, even the BBC. And of course, Beacon!

These organisations achieve greater efficiency and clarity of communication through Slack, and you can too.

Free for charities and non-profits

Slack has basic features available for free to everyone, but charities and non-profits get very special additional options:

  • Slack Standard: Free for organisations less than 250 employees (Usually £5.25 per user)
    • Unlimited apps
    • Full message history
    • Secure guest accounts for contractors
    • Create shared channels for cross-organisation collaboration
  • Slack Plus: 85% off - £1.46 per user per month! (Usually £9.75)
    • Advanced exporting features
    • Roles and permissions for all channels
    • Guaranteed uptime SLA

See here for discount details: Slack for Charities
And here for full feature lists: Slack Plans

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