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Import MuchLoved donations, donors, and tribute pages to your Beacon account.
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MuchLoved enables over 300,000 bereaved people to create their own online memorials for loved ones. Beacon's integration automatically adds any donations you receive via MuchLoved to your Beacon database. Although this integration is available to all Beacon customers using the Fundraising element, MuchLoved currently restrict it to their Optimum Partners.

Import donors and donations

When someone donates via MuchLoved, Beacon will create a corresponding Person record and Payment record within Beacon.

Import tribute pages

When a new tribute page is created in MuchLoved, Beacon automatically creates a new fundraising page record in Beacon to match it.

Stored the way you want

You can customise the data that you set in Beacon when records are created. Ensure that data is categorised in the right way for your reporting.

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