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Import donors, fundraisers, and fundraising pages automatically from Enthuse
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The first CRM directly integrated with Enthuse

Trusted by thousands of charities and the official fundraising partner of The London Marathon Events and Great Run, Enthuse is taking the fundraising world by storm.

They're also a team of really excellent humans.

We've been working closely with Enthuse to develop the very first CRM integration with the growing platform. It's handy that our offices are just round the corner from each other!

Import fundraising pages

When a supporter creates a new fundraising page for you in Enthuse, Beacon will automatically create a new fundraising page record.  You can also configure the app to only create fundraising pages once the first donation has been received.

Import donations

When someone makes a donation in Enthuse, Beacon will automatically add the donation as a payment in Beacon, along with the payer, and the fundraiser.

Stored the way you want

You can customise the data that you set in Beacon when records are created. Ensure that data is categorised in the right way for your reporting.

Real time processing (almost!)

Enthuse payments flow into your Beacon database within 5 minutes of the transaction occurring.

Keep track of your fees

Beacon makes it easy to see the fees that Enthuse have charged for each donation.

More to come...

We have grand plans to continue to develop our Enthuse integration. We'll be adding the ability to import events and ticketing in the future. It's not enough to be first, we also want to be the best! 

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