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How Foothold Used Beacon to Reduce Their Case Management Workload by at least 30%
We’re working more cohesively because the whole organisation is on the same system. It’s saving so much time.
Denice Houslin
Support Services & Development Manager
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4 days
Saved per week
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
How Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home skyrocketed their fundraising with Beacon.
We’re now thinking about projects we wouldn’t have been able to dream about with our old CRM.
Gillian MacAulay
Legacy and Individual Giving Manager
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
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regular givers
Innovative charities choose Beacon,
and stick with Beacon.
Nicola Booth
Finding Your Feet
Beacon has been transformational for our charity in every way
Gillian MacAulay
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
We’re exploring opportunities we just couldn’t see before because we were so busy with data handling and manual stuff that we shouldn’t have needed to do at all. We’re now thinking about projects we wouldn’t have been able to dream about with our old CRM.
Kevin Hughes
Special Olympics Ireland
How Beacon engaged with us is really, really top level. It’s great technology with old school customer service. There hasn't been a single bad experience of any of our users.
Anthony Hayman
Noah's Ark Hospice
A friend called me after setting up a regular donation to tell me they'd received the most beautifully written email. They said, 'Gosh, you've really got your team well drilled', which was amazing because we hadn't really done anything!
Joe Meehan
New Hope
Every time we speak with Beacon’s support team we are glad we chose Beacon rather than the alternative.
Paul Tilbury
Great Lakes Outreach
We previously had to reply to every single person, 100 donations in 2 hours – that’s probably a week’s work. Whereas, now it’s all automatic.
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