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Product Updates

Product Update - June 2024

David Simpson
June 1, 2024

Here's all the latest hot gossip from the diligent geniuses of the Beacon product team.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can now navigate Beacon from the comfort of your keyboard. We've added a whole library of shortcuts for navigating Beacon which you'll find here. You can also feel like an absolute pro by configuring handy shortcuts to your most important record types. You'll find this in the new Accessibility section, under Settings.

Beacon and Fundraise Up working beautifully together

We've partnered with Fundraise Up to make importing Fundraise Up data into Beacon simpler and more straightforward.

In Fundraise Up you'll now find Beacon on the list of available presets when running an export:

And over in Beacon we have a set of shiny new import templates which will match up perfectly with your Fundraise Up export:

You can find a full set of instructions for how to import your Fundraise Up data into Beacon in our Fundraise Up guide article. In the future we'll be looking to collaborate with Fundraise Up to develop a full integration, but this is an exciting step on that journey.

Automated app healthchecks

We will now automatically check the health of your connected Beacon apps every day, and every time you load the apps page, to make sure that you're not missing anything important. If we find that an app has disconnected, then we'll send you a notification and warn you when you next log in.

Replacing ReCAPTCHA with hCaptcha

Beacon now uses a service called hCaptcha to secure Beacon forms against attack by automated bots.  This replaces Google's reCaptcha, with which you may be more familiar. You may find that you now have to prove that you're not a robot in a slightly different way when submitting a Beacon form (no more motorcycles or traffic lights!) but we're really impressed by hCaptcha's approach to GDPR and security.

Check out the latest Beacon events

We run a variety of events to help you to get the most out of Beacon, including regular clinics, deep dives into specific features, and in-person meetups. We've also got recordings of previous events so you'll never miss something useful. You can find everything listed on the Beacon events page.

Beacon chat: Where all the coolest charity humans hang out

Beacon customers are invited to join our private Facebook Group. It's a place to exchange ideas, tips, and best practices.

You can find the group here and we'd love to welcome you in.

The group is only available to Beacon customers.

Next up

Next, we're going to be working on adding address lookup and auto-complete to Beacon records and to forms, and we're investigating ways to make large-scale exports way faster!

We're looking forward to sharing even more exciting announcements with you soon. Keep doing amazing things and we'll keep building nifty features.