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Product Updates

Product Update: July 2021

David Simpson
July 1, 2021

       Here's your regular roundup of the latest highlights from the Beacon product team.

       The chart card

You can now include charts on records.  Handy for seeing things like a history of all payments from a supporter.

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.26.23


Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 15.24.27

Our biggest news is the release of our new notifications system. You can now let your team know whenever important things happen in Beacon via email and via the new notifications panel.

It's important enough to have its own blog post, which you can read here.

       Security updates

We're always working behind the scenes to back sure that Beacon follows the latest best practices when it comes to keeping your data secure.  If we're doing things right, you won't ever notice most of this work.  Recently we've made a couple of improvements that you will have noticed in Beacon.

       Stricter 2FA

We are now a bit stricter when it comes to setting up two-factor authentication.  We'll prompt you to set up 2FA if you haven't already and you'll need to explicitly opt out if you want to skip this step.  Setting up 2FA is the most important thing that you can do as a Beacon user to secure your account.

You can find out more here.

       Stricter session lengths

You will probably have noticed our 'Are you still there?' messages. We'll now pause your Beacon session after 30 minutes of inactivity and terminate your session after a further 60 minutes.  This brings the Beacon interface in line with modern recommendations for securing web applications like CRMs.  It's a little more hassle, and there is always a delicate balance between making things easy to use and keeping them secure.  In this case we've decided to err on the side of security.

       All the cool kids are hanging out on Beacon Facebook Chat!

Beacon customers are invited to join our private Facebook Group. It's a place to exchange ideas, tips, and best practices.

You can find the group here and we'd love to welcome you in.

The group is only available to Beacon customers.

       Up next...

Next, we're improving how timelines work and adding some updates to make Beacon work better with financial systems, including big improvements to the Xero integration.

Oh, also, in case you haven't heard: It's coming home.