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Product Updates

Product Update: December 2019

David Simpson
December 1, 2019

Here's all the latest product news from Beacon HQ.

The new Beacon API

Huge news for Beacon nerds: The brand spanking new Beacon API is now available. The API allows you to programatically create, read, update, and delete records programatically from Beacon.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.01.54

Beacon's API documentation is generated automatically based on your database configuration so you'll have to be logged in to try it.

You can explore the new API here.

Improved CSV import templates

We've made some really useful updates to CSV import templates so that they can handle messier data more easily.

Specifically we handle telephone number and email imports more robustly, with better support for more formats and more flexible delimiters.

We've also made it possible to deduplicate records based on their Beacon record ID. This is the ID that shows up in the URL when you view a record. It's usually hidden away and only used behind the scenes but sometimes it's really useful to have a unique ID for every record that you can rely on.

Filter related record blocks

You can now add filters to related record blocks. For example, you can now show only payments that are donations, show only events that a person has confirmed their attendance to, or show only tasks that have not been completed yet.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.37.40

This is part of a larger update to how related records work which we'll be announcing next month - stay tuned!

Sharing is caring

You can now invite your colleagues, friends, and relatives to try out Beacon for free! Just send them to our new Signup Page ( and they can create a new Beacon account in seconds.

Up next...

This month we'll be working on adding more useful events to timelines, adding file uploads to forms, improving related records, and making it possible to run bulk actions on search results, plus the usual user interface updates!