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David Simpson Posted on 13th Aug 19 by David Simpson

With Beacon memberships you can create beautiful, modern, mobile-friendly membership forms that make joining and supporting your organisation a breeze.

All of the usability and flexibility of Beacon's donation system is now available for memberships. You can create snappy, modern forms that let members sign up and renew their memberships quickly and easily. No code to write, and you can get set up in minutes.

Lets take a quick look at the key features:

1. Memberships perfectly configured for your charity

If there's one things we've learned while building Beacon it's that every charity is different. And every membership organisation is different, too. With Beacon you can configure your membership forms to suit just how your organisation operates. For example:

  • Set monthly and annual prices
  • Allow for one-off memberships and recurring memberships that automatically renew
  • Lifetime memberships
  • Free memberships
  • Simple renewals

Everything is completely in your control.

2. The modern payment methods you would expect

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 14.21.03

You can collect membership fees using two modern payment methods:

If you've already set these up in Beacon there's no additional configuration for you to do - your membership forms will just work out of the box. More payment methods, including PayPal, are coming soon!

3. Memberships as gifts

It's easy to switch between buying a membership for yourself and buying a membership as a gift.

Screen Recording 2019-08-10 at 02.24 pm

Encouraging your supporters to buy memberships as gifts is a great way to increase signups. Beacon provides this out of the box - turn it on with a single click!

4. Collect donations at membership signup time

Beacon makes it easy to collect additional donations while members are signing up.

Screen Recording 2019-08-10 at 02.30 pm

It's time to try it out!

Memberships are now live and ready for your to try right now. Log in to build your first membership form.

As always, we've written comprehensive documentation on how to use this shiny new feature. You can read about collecting memberships with Beacon here.

Excited about memberships? Got questions for us? Fire off an email to [email protected] or click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your Beacon dashboard.

David Simpson

About the author

David Simpson is the CTO at Beacon. He's dedicated to making Beacon the best charity CRM in the world.

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