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Product Updates

Introducing: Dashboards

David Simpson
January 15, 2019

       You can now build your own customizable dashboards on your Beacon home page

It's crucial to have your important data at your fingertips so you know what you need to do each time you log in to your Beacon database.

The metrics that matter most are different for everyone: New volunteer signups this week? Total donations this quarter? How many people have registered for our latest event? No matter what your role is in your organisation, you can now customize your Beacon home screen to place the metrics that matter to you front and center.  

Lets take a quick look at the important features of your fancy new dashboard.

       1. Oh it's fancy alright

We've designed a simple and elegant dashboard that is updated directly from your Beacon database.  Dashboards are made up of blocks which come in a variety of types.  You can show lists of records, important metrics, and track your progress towards goals.   Now your home page can be handsome and useful! Full details on how to use your new dashboard are available in this guide.

Your dashboard is live and ready to try now. Log in to see your new dashboard.

       2. Completely customizable

Click the cog in the top right corner of your dashboard and you'll be able to change everything about it.  Add more blocks and point them at the data that matters to you.  Every user has their own configurable dashboard so you can set things up just how you want them.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 11.58.40

       3. All the power of Beacon at your fingertips

Dashboards use the same filtering mechanism available across Beacon.  This gives you the ability to refine your blocks to show exactly what you want. Want to see the latest donations over £100 from a specific Beacon form? Or all tasks assigned to you by someone else that haven't been completed and are due tomorrow? We've got you covered.

Plus, you can include any of your reports in your dashboard so you can take advantage of the work you've already done.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 14.02.22

       4. There's more to come!

We've designed dashboards in a modular way to allow us to add more blocks as users request them - or as we think of things that would be cool.  We'll be constantly improving this part of Beacon so expect new developments regularly!  

If you've got an idea for what you really want to see on your dashboard please let me know at