Introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay

David Simpson Posted on 30th Oct 18 by David Simpson

Today we're announcing a great new feature for Beacon users - you can now use Beacon to collect payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The way that people pay online (and offline) is changing. It's important that charities have the most up-to-date tools and are making the most out of emerging payment technologies.

People can connect their existing credit cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay and then use these to make payments online conveniently and safely. This means that donations can be made without entering any credit card details and the payment flow is much smoother.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides a way for Apple device users (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and users of the Safari web browser to make payments.

Google Pay

Google's payment platform Google Pay allows users of Android mobile phones and the Chrome web browser to make payments.

How Beacon works with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Beacon forms allow for the collection of donations in a simple and convenient way.

When you enable Apple Pay or Google Pay with Beacon the payment option will be automatically displayed if the form is opened on a compatible device or in a compatible browser. For example, if you configure Apple Pay and open a Beacon form on an iPad you'll see the Apple Pay option appear alongside the other payment options:

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 16.36.13

Here's what Google Pay looks like when making a donation through Beacon:

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 17.09.43

You can see how to set up these payment options in the following articles from the Beacon knowledge base:

You'll need to connect a Stripe account in order to accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Get started

With Beacon you can set up a donation form and start collecting donations in minutes.

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David Simpson

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David Simpson is the CTO at Beacon. He's dedicated to making Beacon the best charity CRM in the world.

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