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Beacon launches the first Shoreditch tech company inspired apparel store

David Simpson
April 1, 2024

Finally, you can dress yourself just like a trendy Shoreditch tech CEO. We're excited to invite you to today's pink-carpet event showcasing our brand new apparel store.

As a really cool and super-pretentious Shoreditch-based tech company, we at Beacon consider ourselves to be at the forefront of both charity CRM innovation and the latest hot fashion trends. We're constantly inundated with questions from customers about where they can get their hands on one of David's dashing and snappy flat caps, or one of Chris's classy gilets. Well friends, the solution is here: The Beacon Apparel Store.

Visit the Beacon Apparel Store now

Dress for CRM success

Barry Jenkins, head of data at Milton Keynes based charity GOTCHA, has found that dressing like a super-cool Shoreditch tech bro has really turned some heads at his organisation.

“I used to wear normal, comfortable, everyday clothes like the rest of society, and nobody ever noticed,” Says Barry, removing his hot pink earbuds and placing them in the pocket of his matching gilet, “but now that I wear this black turtleneck and flat cap to work everyday, the trustees are always talking about me and I get lots of looks when walking down the street. I can only assume it's all positive.”

Looking fierce, Barry.

Celebrate the launch with us today

We'll be live-streaming the launch event of our incredible fashion line today, and you can register to attend via the apparel store here.
Looking forward to seeing you at the event - it would be foolish to miss out!