Which one should I choose? Well, it all depends.

Raiser’s Edge has become one of the de facto charity CRMs on the market. You can see why - their software is powerful and the team have decades of experience in the sector. Let’s take a look at the key distinctions between Raiser’s Edge and Beacon.

Why do charities choose Beacon over Raiser’s Edge?

A breeze to use
Beacon is built for the cloud and is simple and intuitive to use. What’s more, our top-rated support team is staffed by real humans who will be able to help out at any time.
“For the first time, we've got a full real-time view of the whole organisation. So we can see the benefits of what we're doing and it all comes together. It means everyone's looking at the same picture. Which is huge."
Massively flexible
Built on the most modern technology available, Beacon is incredibly powerful and can be customised to your charity’s specific needs.
"We could import data to our old CRM, but it took so long. And there were always lots of mistakes and errors. It wasn't like with Beacon, where you just set up the template once and then you’ve got a one-click process."
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
Easy to integrate
Create donation forms in minutes using your own brand colours and implement them on your website without needing to know any code.
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What others are saying
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Ease of use
Integration with website
Ability to customise
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Ease of use
Customer service
More reasons to choose Beacon, the top-rated charity CRM on the market
Email integration
Track and see all your fundraising emails inside Beacon using our simple, secure Smart BCC feature. Connect to Mailchimp for even more sophisticated comms.
Work with your existing tools
Already use apps like Xero,  JustGiving and Enthuse? Not a problem! With Beacon you can bring it all together for greater clarity and accuracy.
The price is right
From licence fees to implementation plan, Beacon has a solution that is right for your organisation.
Awesome automation
In Beacon create simple-but-sophisticated workflows to automate repetitive tasks and claim back your time.
We take data privacy and security extremely seriously at Beacon. You can read a little more about this on our trust page.
Quick querying
Thanks to Beacon’s lightning-fast architecture, looking up records and pulling reports is both simple and quick.
Innovative charities choose Beacon,
and stick with Beacon.
Kevin Hughes
Special Olympics Ireland
We used to have to process, match, and code each payment individually. With Beacon, you get all that information before the money has landed. You’ve already personally thanked them, allocated the funds, and analysed the results. Then the actual cash arrives and everything tallies up perfectly.
Ruth Simpson
What I really love is that Beacon aren’t just pushing for new customers. They’re really trying to make the best for the organisations that have already joined.
Gillian Graham
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
We’re now thinking about projects we wouldn’t have been able to dream about with our old CRM.
Joe Meehan
New Hope
Every time we speak with Beacon’s support team we are glad we chose Beacon rather than the alternative.
Anthony Hayman
Noah's Ark Hospice
A friend called me after setting up a regular donation to tell me they'd recieved the most beautifully written email. They said, 'Gosh, you've really got your team well drilled', which was amazing becasue we hadn't really done anything!
Paul Tilbury
Great Lakes Outreach
We previously had to reply to every single person, 100 donations in 2 hours – that’s probably a week’s work. Whereas, now it’s all automatic.
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