Which one should I choose? Well, it all depends.

Donorfy is a wonderful fundraising CRM. The founders have decades of fundraising experience, there is a free version for those with zero budget, and it can work really well if you need a fundraising-only CRM.

Why do charities choose Beacon over Donorfy?

Go way beyond fundraising
Beacon handles fundraising and so much more. You can run your entire organisation with Beacon, from donations to service delivery. It’s more capable, easier to use, and is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all of your organisation’s data.
“For the first time, we've got a full real-time view of the whole organisation. So we can see the benefits of what we're doing and it all comes together. It means everyone's looking at the same picture. Which is huge."
Flexibility from your first click
We think it’s your organisation’s differences that make you great! We’ve built Beacon in a totally different way, to allow you to effortlessly customise every aspect of your CRM.
"We could import data to our old CRM, but it took so long. And there were always lots of mistakes and errors. It wasn't like with Beacon, where you just set up the template once and then you’ve got a one-click process."
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
Best in class website integration
Beacon’s forms bring all of the flexibility of Beacon right onto your website. Whether you’re collecting grant applications, newsletter subscriptions, or donations, Beacon’s forms are unmatched in user-friendliness and functionality.
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What others are saying
The people who know for sure are Beacon and Donorfy customers. See how the two compare along with the rest of your charity CRM options in Fundraising Magazine’s latest  CRM survey.
Ease of use
Ability to customise
Technical Support/
Customer service
See the results for yourself in Fundraising Magazine’s 2023 CRM Survey.
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Ease of use
Customer service
So what’s so unbelievably great about Beacon?
Well, we’re glad you asked…
Accurate record keeping
Donorfy uses basic “tags” to organise data, where Beacon has a much more robust - yet still simple - method for storing your records, making them transparent, accurate and always only a click away.
Multiple currencies
Beacon is able to process donations (and any kind of payment) in any currency. It also provides a real-time currency conversion, enabling you to see exactly what has been donated to your charity.
Batching and automation
Beacon's super-modern infrastructure means that you are able to automatically categorise payment data from multiple income streams and batch your payouts to tighten up your financial reporting (finally, a CRM your FD will love!)
In-built event ticketing
No need to use external apps like Eventbrite any more - you can sell event tickets directly from your own website and enable your attendees to make donations when they purchase.
Cutting-edge tech and design
As well as being built on the most modern tech and design principles that the web has to offer, Beacon is being continuously improved. We make minor background enhancements every single day. That’s how we keep Beacon the easiest to use CRM on the market.
UK-based data storage
Donorfy store their client’s data in data centres located in the EU. Everything held within Beacon is stored securely in London, and backed up daily.
Innovative charities choose Beacon,
and stick with Beacon.
Gillian Graham
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
We’re now thinking about projects we wouldn’t have been able to dream about with our old CRM.
Anthony Hayman
Noah's Ark Hospice
A friend called me after setting up a regular donation to tell me they'd received the most beautifully written email. They said, 'Gosh, you've really got your team well drilled', which was amazing because we hadn't really done anything!
Joe Meehan
New Hope
Every time we speak with Beacon’s support team we are glad we chose Beacon rather than the alternative.
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