New Integration: Bringing Gmail into Beacon

Chris Houghton Posted on 5th Mar 18 by Chris Houghton

Today we're releasing our latest integration, and it's a good one - Gmail.

At Beacon our goal is to make it easy for you to bring all of your valuable data into one simple and secure place, no matter where it lives. And few places contain more useful information than you and your colleagues' email inboxes.

Meet our latest integration

We're really excited to unveil our latest integration for Beacon - Gmail.

We've built a full connection that automatically embeds all of the emails you've sent and received with someone in Gmail right into their timeline in Beacon:

Gmail email preview

And better yet, we'll even show you if your colleagues have emailed them, and allow them to selectively share their emails with you:

Gmail email visibility

Goodbye to "smart" Bcc

In traditional CRM products available today, the only way to see your emails attached to people's records was using what's called a "smart Bcc".

This works by adding the CRM as a recipient on every email you send, and they'll add the email to the contact's activity history. It's a little clunky, but it works well.

Except for emails you receive. Your supporters certainly won't be using your smart Bcc address when emailing you. As such, the conversation history saved in your CRM ends up looking something like this:

Smart bcc one sided conversation

With the new Gmail integration for Beacon, you'll see all emails that you've sent and received automatically, without having to remember to smart Bcc.

Going forwards

Email inboxes are a treasure trove of valuable information that we'll be using more and more to make your life easier. Expect us to start suggesting contacts to save, letting you send emails directly from Beacon, and more.

Visit our guide to learn how to link your Gmail inbox to Beacon.

Chris Houghton

About the author

Chris Houghton heads up the team at Beacon. He's focused on using data and technology to empower nonprofits to do more good.

Want to talk about charity CRM? Follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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