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Introducing: Beacon's full Xero integration

David Simpson
September 29, 2021

       You can now export your payments from Beacon directly into Xero as account transactions. Reconciling your payments from Beacon with Xero is now an absolute breeze.

We released the first version of our Xero integration 18 months ago, and since then we've been listening to our customers carefully to understand exactly what we should build for the full version and how it should work. We think we've built a set of functionality better than any other charity CRM, so simple and powerful that it will even delight finance teams!  

A few intrepid customers have already started using our full Xero integration (thanks, you absolute mavericks!) but as of today we've officially passed all of Xero's requirements and Beacon is listed on the Xero App Store.

Lets take a quick look at the key features of the new Xero integration:

       1. Export your payments to Xero

Beacon lets you export payments in your database to Xero as account transactions in a few clicks.

During export, we'll auto-set Xero accounts based on the income streams set on your payment records, making it easy for income in Xero to be categorised in the same way as your Beacon database.

You'll also get full control of:

Here's a handy video showing how this looks in Beacon:

2. Set up account code mappings like a boss

Mapping your income streams can be a real pain.  We've built a really simple and nifty way to set up your categorisation rules in Beacon.  We call it a 'rules-based smart field'.

Screen Recording 2021-07-08 at 09.43.27 am

You define rules for each category and Beacon will automatically categorise all of your payments into their Xero-friendly categories.  And because we do this on your payment record rather than your Xero configuration you can make use of these mappings elsewhere in Beacon, too. Snazzy.

       3. Payouts ("Batches")

Payouts (e.g. from Stripe, JustGiving, cheques) can be tricky to reconcile, as usually they represent multiple payments - but are only one line on the bank statement.

We've thought hard about this 🤔, and Beacon's new Payouts record type was built with Xero in mind.

We've designed the Xero integration to make it really quick and easy to join up the individual payments from Beacon with the payout, which will match what's arrived in your bank.  More info here.

       Find out more

You can find out more in our article in the Beacon guide. The new Xero integration is live and ready for you to try out right now!

Got questions for us? Fire off an email to or click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your Beacon dashboard.