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Automatically import payments accepted through your Zettle devices into Beacon.
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A simple and modern way to collect in-person payments.

Zettle offers a selection of modern point-of-sale (POS) products designed to simplify collecting payments in-person.

With Beacon's Zettle integration you can be confident that every beeped card payment is being logged automatically to your CRM.

Automated data entry

Zettle payments are automatically added to your Beacon database along with full context about the payment. There's no need for any manual data entry or CSV imports, so you can focus on raising more funds instead of data wrangling.

Real time processing (almost!)

Zettle payments flow into your Beacon database within 5 minutes of the transaction occurring.

Stored the way you want

You can customise the data that you'd like to set on your imported payments. Ensure that data is categorised in the right way for your reporting.

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