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A flexible export that puts your finance team in charge

With Beacon's export templates you can set up the reports that you want to import into Xledger. You can define the columns, filter the data of your export, and even have your reports emailed to you with a single click from Beacon.

Beacon's financial tools are flexible enough to work with any accounting software. Want to switch from Xledger to Xero? From Xero to Quickbooks? You won't have to make any changes to your coding when you choose Beacon.

Simple, powerful coding

Automatically allocate a code to every payment in your database based on rules you define. In Beacon, we do this on the payment record - so your coding is available automatically within Beacon, not just in Xledger.

Export exactly what you need

You're in charge of what you want to get out of Beacon. Precisely define the data you want, and the format you want it in.

Finance features you'll love

Beacon is built with money in mind. Split payments, lock payments to prevent future changes, work in any currency, and manage payouts properly.

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