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Sending online communications is at the heart of your digital strategy.

With Beacon's integration with Mailchimp you can combine the power of your CRM for filtering and segmentation with Mailchimp's world-class cost-effective email design and delivery system. Two great tools doing what they're best at.

Sync your subscribers

Automate the manual data entry. New Mailchimp subscribers will automatically flow into Beacon.

Segment with Beacon. Send with Mailchimp.

Beacon's powerful filtering and segmentation tools are at your fingertips. Segment your contacts however you like (for example "people who ran in the marathon") and export them to Mailchimp in 2 clicks.

Keep track of campaigns

When you you send a campaign through Mailchimp, you'll see the campaign emails automatically logged to the recipients' records in your CRM, giving you the full picture of someone's communication history.

Sublime signup forms

Go beyond Mailchimp's signup forms with Beacon's great-looking and flexible alternative. Collect any information you need directly from your website.

Stay on top of GDPR

Beacon was built from the ground up with GDPR in mind. Sync unsubscribes with Mailchimp, track your lawful basis for processing, and separate what your supporters are interested in from how you can contact them.

You're in safe hands

Mailchimp is one of our most popular integrations, and that should be no surprise: Mailchimp has over 14 million active users and they sent 334 billion emails in 2020!

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