Smart Bcc
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Log emails you send from Gmail to your contacts in Beacon.
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Keep track of your communications with Beacon and Gmail

Beacon will log emails that you send from Gmail against the relevant contact record. You can either Bcc Beacon or forward emails to Beacon and they'll be stored in the right place.

We call the features Smart Bcc and Smart Forwarding. You're going to love them.

Keep things private

Choose whether each email that you log is visible to your whole team or for your eyes only.

Automatically create records

Replying to someone for the first time? Beacon can create new records when you first email someone.

Works everywhere

Beacons Smart Bcc and Smart forwarding work everywhere. Across every email application, across every type of email account. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iOS Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird - all covered.

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