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Beacon and the GDPR

Simple tools to help you succeed

The GDPR shouldn't be a terrifying thing. It's a simple set of positive rules to help you build greater trust and transparency with your supporters. We've designed Beacon from the ground up to help you stay on top of this.


Consent, your way

Store contact preferences, signed & uploaded consent forms, and other compliance information on people's profiles.


Email integration

Keep people's marketing preferences up-to-date automatically and in real-time with our MailChimp and dotmailer integrations.


Right to be forgotten

In Beacon, you can delete anyone's data permanently, along with all of their associated information and file attachments.


Right to access

You can download anyone's data from Beacon in 1 click, with a ZIP file you can provide to the requester.



We've invested significant development resources into security to keep supporter data safe and minimise breaches. To learn more, visit our Trust page.


Audit logs

We keep a complete history of all changes made to a record, and who made the change.


Filter your data

You can filter and segment data in the way you like. Build targeted lists based on consent date, marketing preferences, and more.


UK hosting

All of your data is stored securely in the UK on European servers, hosted by Amazon Web Services.


Customer success

We're not lawyers, but we've learned a lot about the GDPR - and we're here to help you succeed with data.


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