Which one should I choose? Well, it all depends.

Salesforce is the most widely used CRM on the planet, and for good reason. It is robust and endlessly extendable. However, if you want a more streamlined and specialist solution for your charity, Beacon could be what you’re after.

Why do charities choose Beacon over Salesforce?

A breeze to use
Beacon is a CRM designed especially for charities. It’s blazingly fast and intuitive to use. And if you get stuck, you’ll have direct access to a real human who will be able to help out at any time.
“For the first time, we've got a full real-time view of the whole organisation. So we can see the benefits of what we're doing and it all comes together. It means everyone's looking at the same picture. Which is huge."
Massively flexible
Built on the most modern technology available, Beacon is incredibly powerful yet easy to customise to your charity’s specific needs. Make changes in minutes, not days!
"We could import data to our old CRM, but it took so long. And there were always lots of mistakes and errors. It wasn't like with Beacon, where you just set up the template once and then you’ve got a one-click process."
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
Built for charities
We understand how charities work, and this is reflected in our CRM. Process donations, claim Gift Aid, and track your casework, volunteers and grant applications all in one space.
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What others are saying
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Ease of use
Integration with website
Ability to customise
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Ease of use
Customer service
More reasons to choose Beacon, the top-rated charity CRM on the market
Quick setup
Even the most robust and complex charities can get up and running with Beacon, usually within a matter of weeks. Integration is tailored to your needs, and support is available at all times.
Integrate your existing tools
Already use apps like Mailchimp, JustGiving and Enthuse? Not a problem! With Beacon you can link up with all of these to share data and improve your comms.
Gift Aid that just works
Let your supporters easily add Gift Aid to their one-off or recurring donations. See this data inside Beacon, and submit your claims to HMRC right from your account. 
Built for small-medium size charities
Not only is Beacon CRM available only to charities, it is especially intended to support the more nimble and forward-thinking ones who want to transform how they work.
More than just fundraising
In Beacon you can also sell event tickets and memberships, consolidating your income generation into one super-modern solution that does it all.
The price is right
From licence fees to implementation plan, Beacon has a solution that is right for your organisation.
Innovative charities choose Beacon,
and stick with Beacon.
Troy Chandler
Breast Cancer UK
Really appreciate [Beacon] reaching out with practical solutions and suggestions. Having had little to no support from Salesforce, this is a breath of fresh air!
Gillian MacAulay
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
We’re now thinking about projects we wouldn’t have been able to dream about with our old CRM.
Joe Meehan
New Hope
Every time we speak with Beacon’s support team we are glad we chose Beacon rather than the alternative.
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