Young Epilepsy

How Young Epilepsy use Beacon for all of their relationship management needs.

Young Epilepsy is a charity dedicated to supporting children and young people aged 0-25 with epilepsy.

The charity focusses on 4 main areas: education, research, information and learning. They also run a specialist educational school and college which provides highly specialised education for children and young people with neurological conditions and learning disabilities.

Before Beacon, Young Epilepsy were using a CRM called Progress, which simply wasn’t fit for purpose anymore. They were bogged down by tasks like logging every email to a supporter.

Progress CRM was not the most modern and intuitive system and required a lot of training for staff to be able to use it.

When looking for a new CRM, they really did their research. Young Epilepsy needed a flexible CRM that was capable of storing data from across their organisation, not just a fundraising system.

We had a shortlist based on the whole team’s needs.

They looked at 12 different options, in the end narrowing it down to Beacon, the CRM most adaptable to the diverse needs of the entire team.

Now, they use Beacon for all of their relationship management across their organisation.

All of our email, communications, our telephone numbers, you name it, we log it! We use it to know about our supporters, too. We also use it to track individual fundraising.

YE's favourite feature of Beacon is that it is totally customisable.

We’ve customised our supporters section, for example, and added extra bits so we know more about them and their relationship with epilepsy.

Because Beacon is so easy to use, it means the whole team is using it, including some departments that didn’t previously use the CRM.

We don’t have any overlaps with contacts anymore. We’re definitely more fully informed.

Not only is it easy to use, but team actually enjoy using Beacon!

At least half of them are actively loving it! Especially one of my colleagues, who’s experienced in the charity sector. She’s worked with a few CRMs and she says hands down it’s the easiest one to use.

You can find out more about Beacon's features as a fundraising CRM here.

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