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How Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue use Beacon to automate their online fundraising and streamline Gift Aid claims

Hungary Hearts strive to reduce the suffering of dogs in Hungary. They provide medical care dogs need and match them with a loving family in the UK to happily live out the rest of their lives.

Founded in 2012 by a family and small number of volunteers, Hungary Hearts rescue dogs from kill shelters and the streets of Hungary. They provide medical treatment, transport and safe foster care until a perfect family can be found for them.

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As the organisation grew it became clear that they needed to take a more sophisticated approach to online fundraising.

Our charity was growing daily and we were expected to provide a level of professionalism and clarity in our fundraising and our ability to collect donations online

Limited to sites like JustGiving and tools like PayPal for collecting donations the team felt that they weren't giving their donors a smooth and professional donation experience. Additionally, trying to keep track of donations using pen and paper was proving difficult. And the complex paperwork for making Gift Aid claims was costing them money.

We were unable to collect Gift Aid on most donations
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Hungary Hearts started using Beacon as their fundraising CRM and to process their online donations from all over the world in mid 2018. By using Beacon the team saved a huge amount of time wrangling donations and could trust in an end-to-end flow from donor to database. This allowed them to focus on their core mission.

Using Beacon has allowed us to focus our energies on fundraising and rescuing knowing that the payments will be managed professionally

The real game-changer for Hungary Hearts was Beacon's automated Gift Aid claims system. Before Beacon the team had to reach out to individuals to seek Gift Aid declarations and store paper copies. They found that this just wasn't a viable option with their small team of volunteers.

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Beacon changed all this. Now, donations are collected via an online donation form. Gift Aid declarations are automatically generated and stored electronically within Beacon. Every month, Beacon automatically builds a Gift Aid claim from elligible donations and sends it to HMRC. The complex paperwork has been replaced with a single click.

Our favourite feature of Beacon is the automatic collection of Gift Aid. This invaluable tool allows us to collect additional funds which otherwise we would not have the time or manpower to collect.

With a robust, automated fundraising CRM in place and with ongoing support from the Beacon team Hungary Hearts are well set up to find more adorable pooches their forever homes.

We are very happy to have found Beacon. Everyone there is very kind and helpful.

You can find out more about Beacon's features as a fundraising CRM here.

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