Goods for Good

How Goods for Good use Beacon for managing donations-in-kind, inventory, and more

Goods for Good are on a mission to recycle overstocked goods to provide a global lifeline of goods to those in need.

Goods For Good are a fast growing UK charity that delivers overstocked goods donated by British industry and the local community to refugees and vulnerable communities around the world, including countries like Moldova, Ukraine, Northern Iraq and South Sudan.

Since their founding in 2014, they have sent over £15 million worth of humanitarian aid to those in desperate need - an incredible achievement.


With such fast growth, it became clear that a more formalised & structured method was needed to keep track of development activities.

We wanted a simplified, integrated way to keep track of all of our figures, and people.

With the majority of donations to the charity being gifts-in-kind rather than financial, Goods for Good have an interesting challenge. They need the ability to track and report on inventory - something traditionally not handled well by charity databases, which tend to be focused on fundraising.

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Goods for Good started using Beacon for standard functions like managing volunteers and events, but they also customised the database to store gifts-in-kind - including information like estimated value, weight (kg), and the destination that the goods were distributed to. Their favourite Beacon feature is the ease of customisation.

Prior to using Beacon, all of this data was stored in a number of clunky spreadsheets.

We now have support information stored clearly for the team to access, rather than being in our heads or scattered across documents!

Reporting is also a key challenge the organisation. They previously had to spend hours trawling through disconnected spreadsheets to pull together the correct reports. By keeping all the information about gifts-in-kind and donations in Beacon, they're saving 2 days every quarter when preparing reports for the Trustees!


In addition to managing inventory, Goods for Good are also using Beacon's hosted donation forms to take single and recurring donations online, and automatically claim Gift Aid - without the administration headache.

Beacon are dedicated to ensuring our database meets all of our needs. They've been with us every step of the way.

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