Chapel & York

How Chapel & York use Beacon to help charities around the world

Founded in 1997, Chapel & York set up and manage charitable entities. They have always specialized in international fundraising and activities for organisations.

The majority of Chapel & York's clients come to them wanting to set up a charitable entity in another country. For example, a UK university setting up a charitable entity in the United States. They both manage and set up dedicated legal entities and have their own organisations. They aim to grow and assist as many organisations with cross-border giving.

The CRM they used previously decided to recall a number of key features from their package, so you could only have them if you paid more. They moved on to their next CRM, which failed to make itself GDPR compliant.

We can’t not be legally compliant for all our members. One of the things that Chapel and York do is keep charities compliant!

For a while they struggled to find a CRM suitable to their needs because of their multi-organisational structure; their ‘members’ are various organisations within their organisation. But then they found Beacon which offered the flexibility and GDPR compliance they were looking for.

Chapel & York were impressed by Beacon because it is highly configurable.

Beacon came into the game high when we realised how we can customise it to an inch of its life and it could meet our niche needs.

Chapel & York use Beacon because it’s able to cope with their international clients. As well as handling multiple currencies, Beacon intergrates with payment systems like Stripe and PayPal, that work all over the world.

Lots of tech time is saved.
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Beacon was able to cope with the diverse organisations within Chapel & York, and this meant that their members were also getting the most out of the CRM.

It's able to provide a personalised user experience for the donor to multiple organizations. We're able to create workflows and donation pages for our members using beacon forms.

Beacon has worked so well for them, that they’ve been able to increase the benefits of their memberships. They’re now producing more reports for members and donation notifications.

Our memberships are now more appealing to our potential clients

They’re also looking to automate reports for the grants section of the foundation, with Beacon’s help, whereby complicated calculations will also be automated.

Their favourite feature of Beacon is that it can provide automation for lots of different processes, and that automation can be tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation.

The benefit of Beacon is that it reduces admin. It reduces the need for a spreadsheet, manual imports. You can automate a lot of the donor journey. It’s very personalised.

Beacon is also able to cope with international clients due to its uniquely customisable nature.

Any fields can be customized. Some places don't have zip codes, for example, you can just get rid of them off a donation page. You can customize currency fields very easily.

You can find out more about Beacon's features as a fundraising CRM here.

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