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Product Updates

Introducing: Gift Aid Declaration Forms

David Simpson
June 8, 2020

       With Beacon's Gift Aid declaration forms you can now collect Gift Aid declarations quickly and easily, unlocking the revenue in your existing donations.

During these challenging times it's important to get creative about finding new revenue streams.  

As Ben blogged about this week, there is a lot of money being left on the table in the form of unclaimed Gift Aid.

A Gift Aid audit is the perfect way to find revenue that was there all along, and with Beacon it's now very easy to collect Gift Aid declarations without requiring a supporter to fill in a donation or membership form.

       A new section of Beacon signup forms

You can now add a Gift Aid section to a standard Beacon signup form, which allows you to collect a Gift Aid declaration and link it to an existing supporter.

Gift Aid Declaration Form

       Automatically claim the Gift Aid you have been owed for the last 4 years

When a form is submitted Beacon will automatically add all of the eligible payments from the last 4 years to your next Gift Aid claim.  There's no work to do at all - just wait for HMRC to send you the cash!


We've written some helpful documentation to help you get the best out of this feature.  

First, here is a guide to running a Gift Aid declaration campaign.

Next, we've updated our documentation about how to collect Gift Aid declarations through Beacon.

Finally, if you're new to collecting Gift Aid with Beacon we have a brand new video introduction which will take you through how to get set up.

       It's time to try out this great new charity CRM feature...

Gift Aid Declaration forms are live and ready for your to try right now on all Beacon plans. Log in to create a new Gift Aid declaration form.

Excited about Beacon's upcoming features? Got charity CRM questions for us? Fire off an email to or click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your Beacon dashboard.

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