Harmonic Action

Certified Partner
Helping organisations make sustainable and effective use of technology and data.
Certified Partner
Harmonic Action
Helping organisations make sustainable and effective use of technology and data.
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Data migration
Project management
Beacon customisation
Beacon form setup
Process mapping
Export from previous CRM
API integrations
Website development
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About Us

Harmonic Action was born in 2020 in the garden office, and brings together 20+ years of experience delivering innovative and pragmatic technology solutions across the third sector. We believe in a people-first approach to technology, prioritising communication and alignment over technical complexity. 

Good data management is at the heart of a well-functioning charity and we believe Beacon CRM is a straightforward and transformative way for a charity to be more effective. 

We know charities are facing increasing pressure to deliver ambitious aspirations and successful digital transformations. We know the challenges involved in this journey, and offer a flexible service to help organisations get on track and keep them there.

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Testimonials for
Harmonic Action
Anthony Roberts
Venice in Peril Fund
Ivan is a very experienced, engaging and friendly technology professional, who not only knows Beacon inside out but also solved all the issues of getting the system up and running at Venice in Peril.
Andrew Tweedy
Royal Society for the Support of Women of Scotland
Ivan’s support has been invaluable to the Society in our migration to Beacon CRM from a complex in-house system that had evolved over more than 20 years, and which performed a number of bespoke functions for us. He has been accessible and professional throughout our relationship and has always delivered on time and as requested.