Which one should I choose? Well, it all depends.

eTapestry is a traditional fundraising CRM used by thousands of small charities, and it can work well for those with basic needs. Let’s look at the key differences between eTapestry and Beacon CRM.

Why do charities choose Beacon over eTapestry?

Truly easy to use
At Beacon we are all about making your experience - and the experience of your donors - sublimely simple. That’s why we put ease of use at the heart of everything we do, and we back it up with top-rated customer care so you’ve always got support when you need it.
“For the first time, we've got a full real-time view of the whole organisation. So we can see the benefits of what we're doing and it all comes together. It means everyone's looking at the same picture. Which is huge."
Massive flexibility
Beacon is used by all sorts of charities. We love the diverse challenges our customers bring to us, and that’s why our CRM is designed to be effortlessly customisable to work with every unique aspect of your charity.
"We could import data to our old CRM, but it took so long. And there were always lots of mistakes and errors. It wasn't like with Beacon, where you just set up the template once and then you’ve got a one-click process."
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
Simple website integration
Beacon’s forms bring all of the flexibility of Beacon right onto your website. Whether you’re collecting grant applications, newsletter subscriptions, or donations, Beacon’s forms are unmatched in user-friendliness and functionality.
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What others are saying
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Ease of use
Integration with website
Customer support
Ability to customise
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Ease of use
Customer service
What else can you do with Beacon?
Well, we’re glad you asked…
Go beyond fundraising
Beacon handles fundraising and so much more. You can run your entire organisation with Beacon, from donations to service delivery. It’s more capable, easier to use, and is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all of your organisation’s data.
Pull sophisticated reports with ease
In Beacon everything just makes sense. And because it’s built on modern tech, getting detailed information on anything you can imagine is really quick and easy. Export your data in multiple formats or integrate with third parties. How empowering!
Gift Aid that just works
Let your supporters easily add Gift Aid to their one-off or recurring donations. See this data inside Beacon, and submit your claims to HMRC right from your account.
Automate the pain away
In Beacon you can set up clever - but simple - workflows that trigger when an event occurs, such as thanking a new supporter for their donation. Unburden yourself from the admin headaches in your charity, and embrace the power of automation!
A CRM that grows alongside you
Thanks to Beacon’s cutting-edge technology, your CRM will work wonders for you whatever level you’re at. When you evolve, so does your database. What’s more you’ll have a dedicated team to help you every step of the way.
Open for business
Beacon integrates with various other apps such as Xero, JustGiving, Stripe and Enthuse. This means you can build an efficient, real-time and easy to use database solution that practically runs your entire charity. Lovely!
Innovative charities choose Beacon,
and stick with Beacon.
Ruth Simpson
What I really love is that Beacon aren’t just pushing for new customers. They’re really trying to make the best for the organisations that have already joined.
Gillian Graham
Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
We’re now thinking about projects we wouldn’t have been able to dream about with our old CRM.
Paul Tilbury
Great Lakes Outreach
We previously had to reply to every single person, 100 donations in 2 hours – that’s probably a week’s work. Whereas, now it’s all automatic.
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