Baggy Trousers

How Baggy Trousers use Beacon to organise their data and drive donations

Baggy Trousers’ mission is to raise awareness of testicular cancer by reducing embarrassment and stigma surrounding self-checking, and getting men to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Baggy Trousers also provide financial, emotional, and practical support to those affected by testicular cancer. They aim to open up the conversation, as well as supporting as many men as possible.

Baggy Trousers thought it was time for a change when managing information on various different spreadsheets was becoming cumbersome and time-consuming. The information for volunteers, gifts in kind, grants, and other kinds of income generation were all stored separately.

If I wanted to find a donor, I’d have to go on six different spreadsheets and try and search through each one, and then several transactions.

As well as this, not everybody was able to access all of the data. All this meant that a lot of valuable fundraising time was being wasted on admin.

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That’s when they decided to look for a CRM, and they found Beacon on Twitter. Using Beacon, they could store all their data in one place:

We're using Beacon for donations, volunteer database, storing the data of who's fundraised and who's donated. We can run reports off it so it helps with our annual reports.

They were also able to use Beacon to send out thank you messages to their donors. A good CRM can achieve goals beyond just the data, also helping to build relationships.

Baggy Trousers' favourite Beacon features are the donation form and the pop-up Mailchimp subscription. With donations, they’ve found that more people donate now it’s quicker and simpler process.

It's reduced the barriers for people making donations. When we were linking out to a third party there were stumbling blocks because they've got to register an account to make a donation to us. Things like Apple Pay on the donation form makes it quick! The donation form is brilliant.
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Baggy Trousers found there were advantages handling their email signups through Beacon.

We found we got a lot more people subscribing to the newsletter and that automatically brings that information into Beacon, so we’ve got their details and we’re getting more engagement.

Baggy Trousers are very happy with their new CRM!

You can find out more about Beacon's features as a fundraising CRM here.

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