Updating records

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Now that you've created your first few records, it's time to update them.

There are a few things you can update but we'll be focusing on:

  1. Changing the content in a field
  2. Setting a primary field

link Changing the content in a field

To show you how to update a field on a record (also referred to as updating a record), we're going to work with the same record we created in our previous lesson. In our example, we're going to work with the notes field but this can work with any field:

  1. Open the record by clicking on it.

  2. Click in the notes field on the overview card.

  3. Type any note.

  4. Notice the 'Person saved' popup on the bottom of the screen Please note: even if you click away before that appears, your record is automatically saved. (3)

check_circle_outline Congratulations! You've updated a record!

link Setting a primary field

Perhaps you've noticed a star next to fields like email, addresses and phone numbers:


This indicates the primary field. If someone has more than one phone number, for example, this indicates which one is the primary one. This is something that we can change.

help_outline if there is only one option, it will automatically be set as the primary field.

For our example, we're going to work with the email field but first we need to add a second email address. (6)

To set the new email address as the primary address, click on the star next to the address. This will set this address as primary and send it to the top of the list. (5)

help_outline This can also be set when you're importing your data!

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