Getting started with Beacon

Updated 9 months ago

Welcome to Beacon!

This introductory guide will teach you the Beacon basics so you can start exploring and customising your new database. You can jump straight to the sections that interest you the most, but you might find some of the later articles a little confusing without learning about the basics first.

link Learn how to create records

This article will take you through how to create records.

link Learn how to search and filter records

Records can be searched and filtered to show you just the records you're interested in. This article will show you how.

link Invite your team members

Give everyone in your team access to Beacon. This article takes you through these simple steps.

link Import data into Beacon

Your Beacon database starts off rather empty. This article explains how to import data from your spreadsheets into Beacon.

link Export data from Beacon

You're going to want to get data out of Beacon, too. There are lots of ways to do this and we take you through them in this article.

link Set up forms to collect donations

Beacon makes it easy to collect donations online with donation forms like this one. In this article you'll learn how to set up your first donation form and collect your first donations. Learn more about forms here.


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