Free ebook: The modern guide to collecting donations online

Everything you need to know to collect donations directly from your website

Looking to modernise how you collect donations online? This ebook will teach you how.

Setting up a modern donation flow on your website can be daunting. There's lots to consider, plus there's quite a bit of scary jargon surrounding it!

Learn about modern Payment Service Providers like Stripe, GoCardless, and PayPal. Topics include the benefits of collecting donations directly on your website, how much it might cost you, what to think about when claiming GiftAid, and your responsibilities when it comes to PCI compliance.

This guide includes our recommendations on how you should set things up plus some red flags to avoid. Download your copy now by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

What's included?

You'll learn:

  • check_circle Which Payment Service Providers you should be using
  • check_circle Why you should be collecting donations directly on your website
  • check_circle How to best use Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • check_circle How much different Payment Service Providers might cost
  • check_circle Tips & tricks

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