How to Evaluate a Charity CRM

The ultimate guide to finding your match
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Looking for an upgrade but not sure where to start? Here's every question you'll need to find your new favourite CRM.
But where do I begin?
Choosing a new CRM can seem scary. That's why we've compiled this guide to demystify the process - from clarifying what features you'll need, to ensuring your data is in safe hands.
Why upgrade?
Foster better supporter relationships, and work smarter, not harder, with the help of this guide. We'll cover everything from what great CRM fundamentals look like to the hassle-free ways you can migrate your data across.
Which one is right for us?
Find your new favourite CRM with this complete list of questions to ask potential providers. We'll cover top tips and red flags so you can choose the CRM that's right for you. Scroll down to download your copy now.
What's covered?
You'll learn:
  • What great CRM looks like, and how it can transform your charity
  • How to find the CRM that's suits your organisation's unique needs
  • The questions to ask providers and red flags to avoid
  • How much a CRM might cost (including the hidden fees to watch for)
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