Worksheet: choosing a CRM for your nonprofit

The step-by-step worksheet for choosing a database that's right for you.

Picking a CRM can be daunting. This worksheet will guide you through the process.

If you’re thinking about CRM systems, it means that you're ready to make a great positive change in your organisation. There's a lot to consider when buying a CRM, however.

CRMs are really just advanced spreadsheets, and like spreadsheets, the most important thing you can do is identify the different kinds of data you'd like to store, and how to get it into your database.

This worksheet will also help you explore the things you'd like to do with your data, like process and reporting, as well as going through other must-have features you might need.

What's included?

You'll cover:

  • check_circle Identifying the data you need to store
  • check_circle How to get data into the CRM
  • check_circle Reporting & implementing processes with your data
  • check_circle The other features you need

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