The payments record type

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The payments record type in Beacon shows the payments coming in to your database from all sources, whether they be donations, memberships, recurring gifts, ticket sales, grants, or from any other place that your organisation fundraises.

Payment records reflect a transaction, such as a £50 cash donation or the April payment of a recurring membership, and can store a wealth of information (pun intended). From basics like amount, relevant dates, payment method, to pointing to other records; such as which fund it contributes to, the campaign that helped raise the money, relevant grants, memberships, even the event that a payment was taken at.

link Creating a payment record

Payment records can come from several different places. Many will be automatic (efficiency win!), and some will be manually created.

link Automatic payment records

Most of your donations will probably be coming from a Beacon-powered donation form. These donations will create a payment record for each transaction, and automatically fill the relevant fields with information.

Payment records are also created by integrations from Stripe and GoCardless for your recurring payments such as regular donations and membership fees, as well as from iZettle when taking mobile payments out and about.

Payment integration

link Manually adding payments

For payments that you need to create yourself in Beacon, you can either add them individually, or if you have many payments stored electronically you can import them in bulk.

link Individual payment creation

You can create payments from either:

  • The Payments record type, with the Add payment button. Add payment button
  • Any related record card showing payments, such as on a person record. Just click the '+' button in the corner. It will automatically point the payment at that record (in this case the donor). Related payments

You can fill in as much or as little information as you need, and click the Create button. Payment entered! Create button

link Bulk payment creation

When you have a lot of payments to enter, it can be much quicker to import them from a spreadsheet.

Use your CSV file to create an import template, making sure you select Payments as your record type.

New payments import template

help_outline Tip: If you're importing from a giving platform such as JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving, there may be a preset template ready to go!

Import templates

You can then run your import and create the payments all at once.

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