Financial years

Updated 18 days ago

Beacon makes it easy to store your financial year for reporting purposes.

link Configuring your financial year

  1. Open Settings > Charity preferences

  2. Scroll down to the Financial section, and choose the month when your financial year starts.

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 14.08.32

link Using financial years

link Filtering

When filtering records (e.g. payments) using a date field, the following options are available:

  • This financial year
  • Next financial year
  • Last financial year

link Charts

You can also group by financial year, when grouping using any date field:

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 14.20.03

link Frequently asked questions

link Is it possible to export financial year to CSV

Not currently. If this would be useful to you, please let us know!

link Our financial year starts during a particular day of the month. Is it possible to set a day (e.g. 6th April)?

Not at the moment! Please let us know if this is important to you.


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